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Meekknøken - Revisiting the foggy realm

I am sometimes accused by my better half of having bad luck, and when we were to try again on a slightly longer mountain hike on Averøya, it was thus much excitement around whether we this time were to enjoy the view from the top, or fall victim to the fog again.

On the previous trip, we got a small glimpse of the future in the form of thick fog in the Atlantic Tunnel. When we drive into the tunnel this time, we are not greeted by dense fog, but instead by a row of around 15 sports cars speeding past. Here were Porsches, Lambhorginis and Ferraris etc. in colorful community. I wonder if it is Tom Cruise's film crew who are on their way to or from the set? And is he sitting in one of the cars? We interpret it as a good omen, and drive on.

The hike in photos

The trip starts on a path through a spruce forest

We move along in a good pace. After a while we come to a more rough path up towards the mountain.

We cross a nice little river. Seems to me that there might be some nice photo compositions here if the light had been a little better.

Eventually we come above the treeline, and now the view begins to take shape.

The higher we get, the more amazing the view becomes. But there is dangerously low cloud cover, so the highest peaks are covered.

For now, we can see the top. Or is it the top ...?

The fog comes creeping in...

Once again we are in the situation that the top is surrounded by fog. We have the choice between turning around or penetrating the fog to reach the top. There is a little discussion about just this, especially since we have no idea how far away from the top we are. Fortunately, we meet a couple on the way down, who can inform us that the top is not far away.

We decide to go to the top. The joy is great when it turns out that there were only 50-100 meters left!

Unfortunately, there is no view to enjoy. This is a real deja vu!

Still, it feels good to reach the top. Food rarely tastes as good as on a mountain top! We worry a bit about whether the fog will be with us all the way down, but luckily it eases a bit below the top, and we can enjoy the view on the way down.

We are still a bit disappointed, because the view from the top to the other side is supposedly spectacular. Next time!


I had low ambitions for the photography this trip. The highest ambition was to take a panoramic picture from the top, but it was ruined by the fog. I managed to produce (in addition to the mobile pictures) one picture from a plateau midway, with view to the west. It was a lot of wind and difficult conditions, but I got to take a picture that was ok.


1/60 sec, f/10, ISO 100, 28mm

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